International Resource Page of Artists with Disabilities Organisations

Summary: It is a WEB portal, divided by countries, of individual artists and organisations throughout world that actively contribute to artistic disability culture. I am building the WEB site using free materials and not getting paid--I know of several nondisabled administrators doing the same job and getting a good salary for it.

Project Description: The WEB page is for everyone to benefit from. I'm very aware I serve as a role model for disabled & non-disabled women and girls, especially lesbians or "queers". I strive to remind myself and disabled women & girls that one must work hard and make bold choices in whatever they do. My essays and writings are published internationally, and they are available through my individual WEB page. My latest writing is an interview w/ pioneer Australian dancer Janice Flessner. She is in wheelchair. The interview will be out in 'Women & Performance', a well respected journal.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: My writings and theatre performances are from the point of view of a positive role for disabled women, and I talk about growing up disabled as a normal experience. When I became disabled at age 11, my heroine & role model--Amelia Earhart--seemed far away and the nameless, sad, poverty stricken woman in the bus station seemed closer to my anticipated future. By being strong in myself, by teaching a class in theatre skills for women, by finding and encouraging other disabled women to take it, by bringing disabled women speakers to campus have helped me to share my artistic vision of disabled women in society.

Annual budget: under $500

Project duration: I've been writing professionally about disability for 11 years. I started my global WEB portal in mid May 1999.

Main funding challenge: I'm a student now...getting funding for disability culture/art is difficult in both US and Australia if one is disabled w/o backing of organisation.

Contact information:
Julia Trahan
Mail: 408 Londale Street #105, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
Telephone: 61 + 3 + 9600 3630
Fax: 61 + 3 + 9347 1257

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