AXIS Dance Company’s Dance Access/Kids

Summary: This program involves girls with and without disabilities in the creation and exploration of dance.

Work with disabled women and girls: Teaching dance to disabled girls in the community and in schools. Our aim is to give class participants a forum to explore dance, use their bodies in a creative way to develop their own unique dance vocabulary. AXIS programs give disabled girls the all too rare opportunity to create dance. At the same time, they have the opportunity to create dance with nondisabled girls where everyone is an equal and valued participant. It is obvious from our direct experience and from the feedback we receive from our peers, audience, students and professionals in the many communities we serve, that our work has a huge impact. The essence of our work, our philosophy and our style promotes a healthy self esteem, confidence and fitness.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Classes are taught by disabled women. Disabled women and girls serve on the advisory committee. Disabled women serve on our board of directors and the co-director of AXIS and Program Director of Dance Access/Kids are both women with disabilities.

Annual budget: $ 10,000 - 24,999

Project duration: This project has been in existence for six months.

Main funding challenge: Having funders understand what an impact dance can have on girls with disabilities. The usual issues of getting funding include great numbers of organizations competing for small pots of money.

Contact information:
Judith Smith, Co-director
Bonnie Lewkowicz, Program Director
5337 College Ave #630 Oakland CA 94618
Telephone: 510.287.5792
Fax: 510.261.7050 call first

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