Cal-Wild Email list service & Website on violence against women with disabilities

Summary: An international e-mail list service by and for women with disabilities and women allies to enable and facilitate communication, organizing and support.

Project Description: Disability Media Project (the name of the organization) is committed to using MEDIA (e-mail, video, web, books, etc.) to facilitate communication. These two projects are by and about women with disabilities. It is important to break the isolation that we experience as disabled women and to communicate with, organize and support each other. We have a commitment that project must be from the "voice" and perspective of disabled women.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: This project grew out of a need -- and began by disabled women activists who "just did it" and was built on the work of disabled women who "just did it". There was no money for the list service. initially -- the isp agreed to a barter -- photograph usage for almost two years of list services. The list is what disabled women make it!

Annual budget: $ 500 - 999 List service / web site

Project duration: The Cal-Wild list service began in 1996 and the web site is currently being built (expected target date August, 1999).

Main funding challenge: At this point -- it's my difficulty with having proper "access" to materials and accommodation when writing. Also lack of personal experience. But most significantly when doing research -- it seems like there is so little out there that values (by show of funding priorities) disability issues from a human and civil rights perspective. Disability is only categorized as a "medical issue" or a "social service". The value of media and disability issues is just not there!

Contact information:
Suzanne Levine
Mail: P.O. Box 22115, San Francisco, CA 94122-0115 USA
Telephone: 415-387-0617
Fax: 415-387-0583
Web site:

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