Disability Social History Project

Summary: The Disability Social History Project (DSHP) is an online, interactive recording of the community and political history of people with disabilities from around the world.

Project Description: The history of people with disabilities is varied and fascinating. But this history is rarely written down. When it is written, it is most often done by people who are not part of the disability community. So the majority of written documents about people with disabilities reflects the societal prejudices of the authors and their times. Our project collects first-person accounts to document the lived experiences of people with disabilities.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: From the beginning, we incorporated the perspective that historical events are viewed by many different people influenced by their gender, race, class and type of disability. We have consciously integrated topics and issues of importance to women with disabilities. We are hosting and supporting a disabled women’s Website that is done entirely by women with disabilities.

Annual budget: $ 1,000 - 4,999

Project duration: Since 1997

Main funding challenge: The importance of recording the history of oppressed people is rarely valued by funders. The majority of disability funding is focused on service provision. Also the value of internet-based information is underappreciated.

Contact information:
Patricia Chadwick
Mail: 1424 D Street, CA 95501 USA
Telephone: 707-442-1901
Fax: Call
Email: pchad@disabilityhistory.org
Website: http://www.disabilityhistory.org

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