Empowering Women with Disabilities

Summary: It is important for women with disabilities from San Luis Potosi, to meet other women with disabilities from the U.S. and learn from each others experiences to be empowered by seeing what has been done.

Project Description: I started the ONG "CEVIMUDI" (Independent Living Center for Women With Disabilities) in 1996. We bring together women with disabilities to learn from each others experiences and help each other with our own life experiences. This has been a great way to empower some of the members and so far, from being unemployed most of them one year ago, almost everybody is working now. But I think that we have exchanged our local experiences already and it is time for the members of my organization to go out of the country and have the experience of accessibility and meet to the great leaders who have been my tutors on my way.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Woman to woman, girl to girl, woman to girl... I have experienced myself that the best way to learn is to meet someone who have faced the same barriers than oneself. We wrote and showed a play about women with disabilities lives. It was called "Proudly Disabled Woman".

Annual budget: under $500

Project duration: 3 years

Main funding challenge: Most of the members of CEVIMUDI haven't have access to education and due to the lack of education I don't have very much support writing proposals and I have a lot of work to do.

Contact information:
Alicia Contreras
Mail: 1a. Priv. de Lopez 505-6D
Col. Julian Carrillo
San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico, cp. 78340
Telephone: 52 (48) 15-7726
Fax: 52 (48) 15-5972
Email: aliciac@infosel.net.mx

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