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Summary: The MadGrrls E-Mail List is an electronic forum for women who have mood swings, fear, voices, and visions. Part of The Madness Group at People Who Net, the list is an e-mail support and information sharing forum for women with psychiatric disabilities from around the world.

Project Description: Women with psychiatric disabilities generally experience extreme oppression resulting in silence, isolation, and internalization of the worst stereotypes connected to the experience of being "mentally ill."The MadGrrls list offers the availability of a private, safe space to share the intimate experience of living with psychiatric disability from an exclusively women's perspective.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Membership in the MadGrrls List is reserved to women with the live experience of psychiatric disability. A few simple rules for correspondence enable the List members to develop voice around previously unspeakable issues, make new meaning from experiences for which there exists no template for successful living, and forge a more positive self-concept and sense of self-in-relationship. The MadGrrls List is not moderated, meaning each member is responsible for co-creating the safety and "tone" of the list in any moment. The overall community of the MadGrrls List is dependent upon each members' generosity, self-reliance, and self-disclosure, an expectation which each member experiences as powerful and empowering.

Annual budget: The MadGrrls List has a budget of $0. It is a purely voluntary effort. Our umbrella organization, People Who Net is in the process of incorporating.

Project duration: Started on September 19, 1997. It evolved from resources launched in January, 1994.

Main funding challenge: Lack of confidence among funders that women with psychiatric disabilities can be self-sufficient; and misunderstanding of the value of the Internet to women who have mood swings, fear, voices and visions.

Contact information:
Kathryn Cohan
Mail: 47 Laurel Hill. Ave., Pascoag, RI 02859 U.S.
Telephone: (401) 568-7402
Fax: (781) 394-5819

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