Mobility International USA's International Women with Disabilities Leadership and Networking Projects

Summary: MIUSA coordinates 2 to 4 week international Institutes for women with disabilities emphasizing leadership development, exchange of experience and network-building.

Project Description: Practical, hands-on seminars focus on organizational development, fundraising and proposal writing, effective use of media, political processes and other strategies to address issues of importance to women and girls with disabilities such as access to education, employment and income generation, violence, health and rehabilitation, parenting and sexuality. We also work with international development and women’s organizations to increase the participation of disabled women. “Loud, Proud and Passionate” is a book and video providing resources for disabled women and available in Spanish, English and Russian.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: MIUSA International Women with Disabilities Leadership and Networking projects are designed specifically to empower women and girls with disabilities through leadership training and international exchange of experience and resources. All MIUSA international exchange programs significantly include women and girls with disabilities as participants, staff and trainers, and incorporate gender perspectives in every aspect of the curriculum. MIUSA encourages participation of women with disabilities through outreach and scholarships.

Annual budget: Varies according to funding by project: $ 10,000 - 49,999.

Project duration: MIUSA has conducted international leadership and disability rights exchange programs since 1981. First program specifically designed for women with disabilities was conducted in 1995.

Main funding challenge: Lack of support by US funders for projects which are international in scope; Lack of support from international program funders for projects targeted for disabled women.

Contact information:
Susan Sygall & Cindy Lewis
Mail: P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, OR 97440
Telephone: 1-541-343-1284 (voice or tdd)
Fax: 1-541-343-6812

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