Ophelia Project

Summary: CTP currently has only 18% women in its computer programming training. The project is an attempt to double the number of women with disabilities being trained as programmers at CTP.

Project Description: Ophelia Project has been researching barriers to women entering technical fields. In the first year of the project we spoke to 90 rehab counselors about looking for programming attributes in their women clients. We also discussed with the counselors the internal socialization that keeps women from seeing themselves in a technical field even though they may have aptitude for it. In the second year of the project we plan to do more direct out reach to women with disabilities in person and online.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Women in technical careers can expand their earning potential.

Annual budget: The first year's budget was $8,000. The 2nd year we hope to have a $10,000 budget.

Project duration: Project started in early 1998.

Main funding challenge: We have been funded by SF Women's Foundation and True North. So far we have not tried to get other money.

Contact information:
Maureen Fitzgerald
Mail: Ophelia Project, Computer Technologies Program, 2101 Milvia Berkeley, CA 94704
Telephone: 510 849-2911
Fax: 510 849-2968
Email: mfitzgerald@ctpberk.org
Website: http://www.ctpberk.org

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