Other Wise Women - Disabled Women Speak Out

Summary: Other Wise Women is a media project by and about disabled women and girls. We conduct oral history interviews, create educational videos and provide professional video production training. It is a project of the Disabled Women’s Alliance.

Project Description: Disabled women lack the opportunities necessary for advancement, training that addresses their unique needs, and materials that reflect their life experiences. This impacts their leadership development and their ability to make change happen in their communities. We provide valuable training materials and documentation of their experiences.

Our Oral History Project has interviewed over 50 disabled women from around the world. Working in conjunction with the Disability Archive Project, our interviews will be donated to the archives. The Video Production Project reviews the interviews, finds common threads, and makes educational training videos. Our current titles are: Violence; Barriers to Love; and Words from the Heart.

We provide technical training through the Media Leaders Video Production Training Project gives emerging disabled female leaders the opportunity to create educational video training tapes that reflect their perspectives and experience.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Other Wise Women is designed and managed by women with disabilities. We see our work as an integral part of the overall movement for social change by women and girls with disabilities. Collaborating with other disabled women, our efforts contribute to the systemic empowerment and provide valuable training materials.

Annual budget: $ 5,000 - 9,999

Project duration: Since 1995

Main funding challenge: We work with disabled women who are living on disability benefits. So our organizational structure is geared to covering expenses but not building a traditional office structure. We see this as maximizing resources within very limited funds. But many funders are confused by our alternative approach and do not appreciate our organizational development or growth.

Contact information:
Corbett Joan O’Toole, Disabled Women’s Alliance
Mail: PO Box 6008, Albany, CA 94706
Telephone: 510-235-7477
Email: Corbett@disabledwomen.net
Website: http://www.disabledwomen.net

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