Personal Assistance Services Abuse of Women with Disabilities

Summary: Women with physical and physical and cognitive disabilities in Oregon and California were asked in focus groups for their definition of maltreatment and abuse and strategies they thought would be effective to identify and prevent it. From this information a national survey has been answered by 200 women rating the significance/severity of the different categories of abuse previously identified and a scale of effectiveness for the interventions. In the 3rd and final year of the grant the findings will be distributed to women with disabilities, advocates, and the people and organizations that support them.

Project Description:

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Women with disabilities are leaders on the research team, were involved as advisors in the development of the initial grant proposal and the creation of the focus group questions and survey design. The information gathered will enable women to live successful, independent lives in the community by increasing awareness of abuse, methods of managing PAS relationships, resources and support for dealing with maltreatment.

Annual budget: $100,000

Project duration: Project has been in process for 2 years and the 3rd and final year begins July 1, 1999.

Main funding challenge: Being grant funded, the biggest challenges are working within the time-frame and funding of the grant when addressing such a complex issue. The issue of how to continue the work after the grant is over is also a challenge.

Contact information:
Susan Maley, M.P.H.
Mail: Oregon Institute on Disability & Development
Oregon Health Sciences University
P.O. Box 574
Portland, OR 97207
Telephone: (503) 494-7930
Fax: (503): 494-6868

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