Youth Services Canada

Summary: Deaf youth under age 30 learn service skills and career development while teaching about date rape and prevention of elder abuse, and get a stipend similar to Americorps.

Project Description: We train the women, supervise and empower them, lots of anti-oppression work and internalized oppression communication and assertiveness.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: We use mentors to work with the younger women and all our staff are deaf women. I have also used films, guest speakers and conferences to encourage development.

Annual budget: Each 6 months is $100,000. We get $10,000 per student and have 10 students.

Project duration: This is the third year but the first time we have done all women.

Main funding challenge: Application procedures do not lend themselves to GIRLS only. They want men involved but its now easier because we challenged the human rights.

Contact information:
Tanis Doe
Mail: #11-1211 Gladstone Ave., Victoria, BC V8T 1G5
Telephone: 250 386 9456
Fax: 250 386 3486

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