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#CripRitual: A virtual, multi-sited, participatory exhibition of artworks exploring themes of disability culture and ritual

The Art of Disability Culture: Each of the 20 artists featured has one or more disabilities, whether visible or invisible, and the exhibition centers upon their creativity, vulnerability, and unique perspectives. The exhibition celebrates how disability culture can strengthen our communities through the practices of interdependence, accessibility, and inclusion.

Tangled Art + Disability: An organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for artists with disabilities to contribute to the cultural fabric of our society by showcasing and promoting artists with disabilities from visual, performing, media arts, film and integrated art forms; engaging and inspiring young people with disabilities to explore and embrace their own creative talent; fostering partnerships and collaborations that enhance opportunities for artists with disabilities to practice and share their work with a wider public; providing accessible professional development and networking opportunities; and building an inclusive arts and culture sector so that everyone can appreciate the abundance of art our society has to offer.