Film, TV & Video

Code of the Freaks: a feature-length documentary that is a radical reframing of the use of disabled characters in film.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution – A groundbreaking summer camp galvanizes a group of teens with disabilities to help build a movement, forging a new path toward greater equality. Features disability activists like Judy Heumann when they were teenagers.

Crip Tales, from BBC America – A life-changing moment is captured in each of these dramatic monologues. Disabled actor and writer, Mat Fraser, curates these powerful monologues — written, directed and performed by disabled people.

Disabled Women: Visions and Voices from the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, 1995

Don’t Dis the Vote, from REV UP Texas: This short music video is an anthem, a dance, a call to action. The purpose of this nonpartisan, community empowerment exercise is galvanize people with disabilities and our allies to increase political participation and voter turnout through Registration, Education and Voting.

Gouverneur Morris, from REV UP Texas: Introduces us to Gouverneur Morris, a person with a disability, who wrote the preamble to the US Constitution.

It’s Our Story: a collection of over 1,300 video interviews with disability leaders across the US.

Max and the Magic Pill – A documentary narrated by Max Starkloff. Paralyzed as a result of an automobile accident, he relates his struggle to regain a fulfilling life, and describes the efforts of the disabled for self determination. He runs Paraquad, a nonprofit organization that works with people with any type of disability.

Somebody Touched Me – 1967 Pennhurst (a state institution in Pennsylvania) documentary of early attempts to promote growth, learning, and quality of life to people with severe disabilities. Narrated by Henry Fonda.

Tell Them I’m a Mermaid (1983) – Seven disabled women tell their stories with music, song, dance and laughter.

Then Barbara Met Alan: Due to air in 2022, this factual drama tells the remarkable true story of the people behind an irrepressible campaign of direct action that lead to significant gains in the battle for disabled civil rights in Britain.

Who am I to Stop it? – A documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury.