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  • On a BART train, a man with long hair and a helmet sits in a power wheelchair with two bags hanging on the handles.

    Hale Zukas – Disabled Advocate & Leader

    By Corbett O’Toole Hale Zukas, a pivotal leader on accessible public transportation, architectural barriers, data related to disability and personal assistance services, died this week. Hale did the grueling work…

  • A black man with a beard and a black t-shirt signs. Text below says, "That's our Black ASL."

    Signing Black in America

    (From Talking Black in America) SIGNING BLACK in AMERICA is the first documentary about Black ASL: the unique dialect of American Sign Language (ASL) that developed within historically segregated African American…

  • An African American woman holds two paintings, one a self-portrait and the other a white man.

    Lois Curtis, Disability Rights Activist Who Won a Landmark Civil Rights Case (1967 – 2022)

    Fighting for the right to live in the community and establishing the right of people with disabilities to live independently Lois Curtis was a disabled African American woman who lived…

  • A parade marching down a street in NY City includes "brownshirts" and a Nazi flag.

    Disabled American Veterans Start Spy Ring in the 1930s to Thwart Nazi Groups in US

    Reprint from DAV (Disabled American Veterans) posted on JANUARY 9, 2018 BY STEVEN WILSON New book details how DAV founding members foiled Nazi plans to launch attacks on American soil Newly resurfaced evidence…

  • A woman sits at a desk reading Braille

    Roberta Griffith…Empowered, not Impaired

    (Reprint from the Michigan History magazine in the January/February 2016 issue) Roberta Griffith founded the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in 1913. When Roberta Griffith graduated from Western…

  • Disabled protesters in the 1930s.

    Join Us in a Dream: A National Museum of Disability History and Culture

    Reprint from the National Council on Public History 14 JUNE 2022 – HENRY J. KENNEDY AND NATHAN R. STENBERG It is time for a Smithsonian National Museum of Disability History and Culture. Considering…

  • A group of disabled teen girls gather on the lawn.

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    This 2021 Oscar-nominated film features a group of teens with disabilities at a groundbreaking summer camp in the 1970s. The camp galvanizes the teens to help build a movement, forging…

  • Black Panther News: Handicapped Win Demands

    The 504 Protests and the Black Panther Party

    “Black Panthers saved the 504 sit-in.” Corbett O’Toole, participant in the 1977 504 protest in San Francisco During the 504 protests at the San Francisco Federal Building in 1977, the…

  • Black Disabled Ancestors, by Leroy F. Moore Jr.

    Black Disabled Ancestors: by Leroy F. Moore Jr.

    “We say that our ancestors are resting in peace but I argue that our Black Disabled Ancestors can’t rest in peace because their stories are incomplete and have a lot…

  • Disability Visibility - Alice Wong

    Intersectional Disability Resources

    A great list of resources on intersectional disability – nonfiction, anthologies, websites, and podcasts – prepared by Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project and posted on Reclamation Press.