Queer Disability Conference

Queer Disability

The QD conference was the first international gathering of disabled queers. We are using both these terms broadly. All queers and all people with any types of disabilities were welcome, as well as significant others, friends and allies.

This gathering at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, USA began on Saturday evening, June 1, 2002 and continued through breakfast on Tuesday June 4, 2002. Very low cost housing was provided at San Francisco State University.


This 2 day gathering was earth-shaking. For the first time in history, a wide range of disabled queers and allies came together. They were THINKING, laughing, EATING and even ROOMING together.

The program has 3 intersecting perspectives:

  1. COMMUNITY: What are disabled queers doing and discussing?
  2. ACADEMIC: What is the state of research and academic thinking by and about disabled queers?
  3. ARTS: Artistic expression of disabled queers.


If you are interested in the intersections of queer (l/g/b/t/I and more) and disability (all kinds), then this is the conference for you. Whether you think of it as “queerly disabled” or “queerly and mentally challenged” or “queer with an alternative body” or “l/g/b/t/I blind” or “mcs tranny fag” or “rainbow deaf” or “sick chick” or even “labels are not meaningful to me,” you are WELCOME at this conference.